The residential development in Greece has several problems associated with the operation of the settlements - as social, economic and cultural units - and with the interaction between them and the environment. The study is asked to analyze the current situation of the study area and to handle locally both the potential problems and weaknesses, and on the other hand to highlight the dynamics within the overall planning framework in order to ensure sustainable development.

The Habitat Agenda is an action plan aiming at safe, healthy, and egalitarian welfare of residents and sufficient and adequate housing for all.

In order to achieve the goals, all parameters are identified to be taken into account in order to have a sustainable built environment and a set of principles are set which should characterize all approaches for the sustainable development of the settlements by defining policies and actions to solve problems and for the development of the area. The study concludes to a package of measures and a work program.

The Municipality of Pella, which is the subject of the present study extends at the eastern part of the homonym prefecture having a total area of 113.9 ha. The actual population of the municipality amounts to 7,295 inhabitants with 34% of this population to be concentrated in the headquarters of the OTA.