The proposal aims to feature the four natural elements - water, earth, air and light - that are constantly neglected in modern cities. Through the design process, a balance between built and inbuilt areas, natural and artificial elements is sought.

The trail of a river in the south area eventually inspired the main architectural design idea. It consists of straight and curved elements that form flowing patterns, referred mostly to nature, “breaking” the urban contexts’ s regularity.

Besides propose an internal arrangement of the study area, design also intends to be developed as an activities center for the entire city. This is the way for the city to unify its open spaces and give a refreshing meaning to them.

The pedestrian circulation is organized using a route system according to the two main axes in the area. Actually, it’ s a parallel development of different design process, so the two axes offer  different aspects and alternative choices to users.

They are organized according to attraction centers of the area: the first includes Salats fount – as a historical place and a rest area – and the spaces designed across the main street, while the second one includes the central square, the cultural center, the municipal cafeteria, and the sport center. At the same time secondary routes are organized, while a metal bridge connects the study area with the city.

Associated team:

1. Kolokotronis Emmanouil, Architect
2. Loukaidou Marousa, Architect
3. Papamihou Iliana, Architect
4. Raidis Dimitris, Architect – Urban Planner
5. Sempsis Isiodoros, Architect
6. Sirgianni Anna, Architect
7. Teli Despoina, Architect