The green roof proposed for this competition is situated in Thessaloniki seaside, from where a wonderful open view to Thermaikos bay and the whole eastern city is offered.
Aim of the proposal was the design of a green roof which is not just “standing” on the building but they work together in order to form an “Eco – System”. Aesthetics is combined with green design and green technologies, as recycling systems (composting and fertilizer production), air circulation (skylight in the roof), energy saving (use of photovoltaic cells energy for garden irrigation) and water recycling (grey water system employed for planted areas irrigation).
This green roof acts as a semi – public area, according to the Greek model of courtyard, providing opportunities for recreation, education and encouraging socializing between users. The proposal taking advantage from the climatic conditions creates rest areas, while protecting from the cold northern winds. Basic concept is the users’ involvement in the design.
“Nature” is addressed from the project in several ways. We recognize areas of wild planting, while in others green and low planting is proposed – sometimes ornament and others utilizable by residents, as a vegetable garden. The species that are proposed are all Greek and suitable for coastal planting.
At the roof there is only a small building, hosting the staircase, and an important element of the proposal is the possibility of its conversion, in order to adjust to the wind flow changes and the needs of the users. Its walls can gradually degrade, unifying indoor and outdoor space, and connecting the building with “nature”.

Work team:
1. Michailidou Marina, Architect
2. Papamihou Iliana, Architect - Landscape Architect
3. Raidis Dimitris, Architect – Urban Planner
4. Teli Despoina, Architect – Landscape Architect
5. Laskos Konstantinos, Civil Engineer
6. Metaxas Dimitris, Agronomist – Landscape Architect, Doctor of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
7. Papatheodorou Giannis, Mechanical Engineer, MBA
8. Serafim Athanasios, Mechanical Engineer