Area:8.900 sqm
Budget 1.700,00€

The study concerns landscape configurations of four houses in grove area of N. Moudania, Halkidiki. Starting point for design, is the conservation of ancient olive trees and their integration into design.
Regarding the upper site, particularly striking feature is the construction of two artificial lakes of 75 sqm and 45 sqm. Dominant element of the architectural composition of the lower site is the vertical axis translated into a grand staircase surrounded by plantings, fountains, benches and four oval plateaus.
Design feature is the wide variety of materials used in flooring and the other elements of the sites. Different qualities of marble, granite and gravel in various colors, paving blocks, wood and compacted earth are some of the materials.

In addition, luminaires are placed throughout the space focusing on stairs, corridors, trees and lakes, creating an even more impressive effect during the evening.