Architectural competition, project mentioned
The proposal of the design of the Municipal market and the western historic ancient walls of the Thessaloniki city was very much focused at the historical and cultural character of the region, modern functional urban priorities, and characteristics in environmental local parameters.
The key concept elements for the proposed proposal were the below:

  1. The emergence of the monument and the site surrounding it.
  2. Adaptation and emergence of modern existing uses in the area.
  3. The promotion and management of special ecological characteristics of the landscape, with emphasis on how to use the free public space through the prism of bioclimatic perception and behavior.

The main decision to demolish the old and in poor condition existing building stock, which in pas was built against the historical city walls. This enables both the revelation of the area in parallel with the need to highlight the historic element and their continuity (boundaries of the ancient city). In the plot of the outdated market, new autonomous structures –the market units- were proposed with innovative form, serving the principles of energy management planning areas shading and management of energy independence using solar modules.

More specifically, the organization of outdoor space around the market was focusing in: creating new contemporary market in the heart of the neighborhood, designed with ecological awareness in an innovative shell. Defined parking spaces, signs stops, rest, viewing, photographing and playgrounds and many more activities may create a new landmark for the region, through the reintegration of the region on the map, with a modern twist serving common urban activities. This landscaping and architectural urban intervention may cause economic and social regeneration, which may be is the answer to small regions in Thessaloniki city.
DHMHTRIOS RAIDIS architect – urban planner