Collaboration with “Seven” company involved two distinct stages: the redesign of the BRAND in association with awarded "Beetroot" design group, and then the design and the construction of 70 stores under the new brand name design.
Transforminf the brand design into architectural design was inspired by “gift boxes” and the random storage of them in a , resulting in a composition of rectangular boxes, some of them solid, some transparent, prompting clients to take their “gifts”.
This main concept applied also to the design of all furniture and equipment. Employing the characteristic three – color feature (white, grey, red), the boxes are reordered in different ways to create individual elements as the cash desk, the display furniture etc. The graphics of the brand were produced in association with the Beetroot company.
The second stage concerned the implement of the brand to company stores, including the architectural design, the management, and the construction supervision of 70 stores, in a just 4 months period.
“Seven” continues the collaboration with our office until today, with constant applications of the brand to new stores.